More info on me from reading your LJ info

Date: 2004-08-24 06:59 am (UTC)
1. I can deal with your British spelling ;)
2. I also dislike certain aspects of American culture, but definitely try to keep an open mind about differing opinions. I may target shoot, but I am not pro-war, I'm personally pro-life, but support pro-choice (you play, you pay sort of thing, but that's a subject for a longer post someday), not a red-neck, not a Bush supporter, but I am open to other views anyway...
3. Practicing Catholic with many non-Christian friends. It's all good with accepting other views... and I don't take offense to questions about my beliefs...
4. Medicines... whatever works... I'm trying to be healthy and avoid having to take a lot of conventional medicines when I am older due to things I could have avoided with a bit of healthy living (reflection on my *parents*, not anything one way or another about your situation...I'm open to more information about alternative medicines.... haven't explored too much in that area. So far so good.
5. I don't know what Eastenders is, but I rarely watch TV in general anyway...
6. Glad to hear you are fine.
7. Sorry to hear that about your dad. Both of my parents have had skin cancer, so I make a point to stay out of the sun or wear plenty of sunscreen when I am out...
8. I have no pets, one brother, parents retired. My dad worked for Ford and my mom was a teacher and now tutors.
9. Not sure I have a best friend anymore, but probably about 1/3 of the people on my friends list are also gay. I used to role play with some of them.
10. Not sure on the cat/dog person part. I know I don't have time for either, but hope to get back to having an aquarium or two one of these days. For now, green houseplants will have to do.
11. I would say I'm overall pro-choice, too, but it's a long story [sigh].
12.I'm fairly feminist, but probably not overly so... have at least one feminist on my friends list who makes me think about equal rights issues more often than I probably would on my own. It's a good thing :)
13. Moderation in everything. I support education and civilized discussions with those with differing backgrounds and ideas :)
14. I do not run any communities.
15. I have degrees in environmental engineering and business administration (engineering management) and essentially minors in international business and German. I work as an engineer.
16. I second that and appreciate it.
17. I mention my SO but don't think I drool over him too much in my journal. (His mom's cooking on occasion, but...)
18. I talk about wishing I had more time to make things... but do occasionally make things on occasion... not as often as I would like though.
19. Not really the type for crushes that much anymore, but I have had my share...
20. Got it.
21. I worry too much about things I don't have control over.
22. I have picture links I can send, but haven't really published them to LJ. I like your eyes :) Mine are (also?) hazel/greenish.

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